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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does a custom order take?
    Each product will have it's own lead time. There is so much variation that it is impossible to give a one size fits all timeline. It will also depend how many custom orders are in line. I aim to have ordered fulfilled within 4-6 weeks but again, each order will vary.
  • Can I ship to a friend?
    Yes! Here at Hady Baby we aim to please. If you are shipping an item to a friend as a gift let is know and we will add that special little touch that all gifts need!
  • Can I change my custom order?
    Up until creation has started orders can be edited. If we have been in communication and I have already purchased materials and/or begun work on your item changes may no longer be accomidated. You are always welcome to ask, but be advised once we have completed your request form, product details are considered final.
  • Can I get a RTS item in a defferent color?
    Item that are listed RTS are just that, ready to ship. These are already completed items that can leave the shop immediately. You can always request a custom order of the same item!
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